martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Telemedicine in prisons, an example of rentability

One of my good friends in all his talks about telemedicine, he said "Telemedicine is not a luxury, it is a need and sometimes an obligation".

Doc. Claudio Pelaez is a great defender of telemedicine and during ten years, he was the Regional Coordinator of Telemedicine Program in Extremadura. He has developed telemedicine,  all than he could or have allowed him. This telemedicine program began in 2002 with first pilot program and Claudio Pelaez and all his team have developed and configured a work protocol and they have won experience, they have created a new medical model based in telemedicine with a satisfaction rates above to 90%.

If you want know it, please you can click in this link, for watch a film about telemedicine in Extremadura broadcasted by Canal Extremadura.

One of the bets more interesting about telemedicine in Extremadura was to bring telemedicine systems to prisons and to allow to them access to medical services across the technology.

In US, Texas Deparment of Criminal Justice and University of Texas Medical Branch in 1994, they began a telemedicine program in prisons, in these twenty years they have done 354.000 teleconsults and they have saved around 1.215$ billion until 2010, with teleconsults, EMRs, Teletraining program.

It is a clear example where We can to obtain economical rentability with investments in technology and new process.

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