miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Argentira will sign an agree with University of San Diego for to do telemedicine sessions.

The agreement signed between Argentina and the University of San Diego allow that patients in the country can access the best treatments using the possibilities that technological advances make it easy. a Tumor Committee composed of experts from Argentina and US analyze each particular case, and from international treatment guidelines, will decide in conjunction with the patient the best treatment. Also professional did a training, encouraging the rotation of Argentine experts at UCSD and UCSD professionals in our country, which will help both in learning new techniques and innovative treatments from the US and in enrolling patients in clinical studies in international protocols.

Technological advances in videoconferencing, like telepresence, improve exponentially accessibility, this systems use communication standards and reduce bandwidth use, which is easier to use anywhere. Allow the interconnection of any device, anywhere, whether at the office of a specialist, a hospital consulting, home of a patient, a computer, a tablet, etc. .. They improve quality of care for various reasons, one image quality is HD, two it allows to patient access to a specialist worldwide through a consultation on-line, three it allows participation of all stakeholders in the consultation, patient, doctor, primary care physician, physician interconsultado and family, and finally looks to be several highly qualified professionals, it decreases the amount of errors. But also they reduce transport costs and trips with not only they cause direct savings to the patient, but an indirect whole society as reducing fuel use and reduce environmental pollution associated with trips.

This agreement also involves surgery or development in robotics, an emerging technology that allows advanced laparoscopic procedures that are having great results because it reduces operative time and morbidity.At a time like the present where the financial and economic crisis gripping the governments of many countries and where their leaders are only possible cuts in healthcare. We'd like to break a lance for telemedicine and encourage these leaders to analize the advantages of this type of material and the potential benefits to the system. Clearly, if you do not have this technology you have to make an investment in procurement, but what makes something profitable is not the initial expense, but the benefits that subsequently generates initial expense and frankly if you do a serious study and held the stage of action of telemedicine, we can conclude that soon generated large profits, reduce costs to the patient, reduce costs to the healthcare system, reducing costs to society in general and an improvement of training system professionals, causing that these professionals will become more resolutive and therefore save more to the system.

Is the future and we must support it, those places where there is no need to consider the implementation of this technology and in places where time has been used for updating the material to use 100% of the possibilities that technology offers.

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