jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Telemedicine is now close to us.

Telemedicine is health to distance like concept, thanks to technology and communications. It isn´t a promise or any futuristic idea. Today telemedicine is more a reality.

For Cisco, in Costa Rica this trend, that it is a reality in other countries, has begun to win terrain thanks to high bandwidth of Internet and high quality video codecs.

A research done by Cisco with Princeton Survey Research Associates International, in sixteen countries,  at 2010 show that, more important worries for telemedicine leadership companies are, allow equitative access to healthcare services, efficiently and with high quality. This study detected like primary problems, low numbers of specialists and its bad distribution, patients bad referred to hospitals and waiting list very long.

Now exist a crisis in healthcare services, not only in Costa Rica also in some countries around the world,  some of them with high development like Spain. And telemedicine helps to go out of it. Allow remote healthcare helps to reduce the congestion in medical centers and finally it benefits to patients, says Ariel Szternberg from Cisco. 

These teleconsults might benefit to old people and any person that can´t go to medical center by distance, geography, etc.  and it needs one specialist that only is in other place. All these things are possible thanks to telemedicine. For us, our next step will the telediagnostic not only with vitals also with electronic health records complete with images, clinic exams, all them digitilized and sent by Internet, says Ariel Szternberg.

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