lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Students in Telemedidice of UOC could to do their practices in Fundación iBit.

Students of UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) could to do their practices in Fundación iBit in Palma de Mallorca. Both companies have signed a contract for that students of UOC can to do their practices and final projects in health area of Fundación iBit. The agree signed last February 13th by Miquel Bernat, as executive vicepresident of Fundación iBit and Inma Tudella, Chief of UOC, appears established how students can to do their practices or final projects.

The practices will be done in Health area of Fundación iBit, and each six months, students of Medicine or Telemedicine could to obtain a place in this new educational program. All students will have a tutor that he will show to them around a concrete activity, and he will give to students all information about the procedures or jobs relational with telemedicine.

Also this is a good agree for Fundacion iBit workers, that, since this moment they could to do formation programs in UOC. UOC gives opportunities like discounts  to these workers for Postgrade Programs, Seminaries, Summer Courses, Winter Courses, etc...

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