lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

A new collaborator in Blogtelemedicina.

From Blogtelemedicina the team that We manage this website, We want to say Hello! to Alan Alvarado like a new collaborator of this blog.

Alan Alvarado is a Computer Systems Engineer and shares our passion for telemedicine and the development of applications or devices aimed at this new medical tool.

A year ago, completed the design of two portable devices oriented one of them to cardiac monitoring and another to the brain monitoring. He is currently working on the implementation of an algorithm to predict heart attacks and investigated for the possible development of an algorithm to predict the falling sickness.

We are glad that our blog extending their collaboration and We are delighted to have a new vision of telemedicine from as far away as in Mexico. We hope that our fans can to collaborate with us.

For our fans, we hope that the contributions of our colleague Alan will be of your interest and that together we continue informed of the progress of telemedicine worldwide.

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