martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Russia and China will be in VideoMed 2012.

Russia and China will participate for the first time at the XVIII International Film Medical, Health and Telemedicine (VIDEOMED 2012), to be

held in Badajoz from 13 to 16 November this year, as reported in a statement Videomed Foundation Director, Dr. Andres Bas Santa Cruz.

This edition will be held on Telemedicine IX Iberian Forum, which will allow attendees to meet the technological developments and to correct errors in the use of new technologies with regard to this matter.

In the case of Russia, the hospital's medical group in St. Petersburg will present their applications in telemedicine, while on the other side will be representatives of Xinjiang Medical University hospital also to exchange experiences in this field.

Telemedicine currently attracting much interest worldwide. The main motivations for the use of telemedicine systems are:

- Improving the equity of health services closer to scarce specialized resources or unpopulated areas or rural areas far from major urban centers and land communication difficulties to provide care with similar levels of timeliness and quality.
- Telemedicine services provide rapid response, avoid travel costs, time and discomfort for the patient and family.
- Another reason is the improved continuity of care by facilitating communication between primary and specialist, promoting and supporting home care modalities such as outpatient surgery and home hospitalization.
- An appeal of telemedicine is the direct cost savings for patients and professionals displacement and indirect savings such as loss of work time for patients and relatives.

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