lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Telemedicine against hospital costs.

Expenses "absurd" keep breaking the bag of Health. Therefore we must stake out a reorganization of the Health System. An example of this reorganization would be telemedicine, that experiments carried out in multiple places in the world, every day becomes established as an ideal system to provide quality medicine, relying on technological advances, all patients who for reasons distance, terrain, dependence etc .. need the services of a specialist and for the system a high cost of transport, etc.

EULEN group has developed a prospective study TelemedCare system, pilot work of major chronic care through home telecare. In a comparative sampling of a quarter with remote monitoring or not, found that doctor visits were reduced by 62% and emergency room visits by 73%. According to the study, only the doctor visits in the study period accounted for an outlay of more than 4,200 euros. These figures fell to the 2,028 with the use of telemedicine. Regarding the average annual savings, this would amount to 1,098 euros per patient, concludes the report.

the question now would be, if this has been a pilot, What would you save telemedicine Extremadura Health Service currently developing such teleconsultation year 8000?, And if they decided to expand its telemedicine network and take it beyond existing borders?, it is true that this would require an investment in technology equipments, but also what is clear is that in time would offset that expense with savings suffered in the system.

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