martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Telemedicine in Gym.

Who meets GO fit, knows that it is not a typical Gym. Its phylosophy is "Sport for everybody", it is promoting a new concept of sport as a place designed to improve the health of its users.

In relation with this idea, GO fit Maracena has a Global Cardiology Telemedicine Service to monitor the quality cardiovascular workouts, so that not only take care of excess, the users can do better the trainings.

"The physical exercise helps to keep fit and maintain good health, although we must consider, depending on our personal characteristics, the importance of controlling the heart rate as it is necessary to know the limits to which must be submitted in each routine.", says Oscar Quintas, Director Operations Eastern Andalusia Ingesport Group, which owns GO fit relation Maracena. "Besides, GlobalCardio allows us to complete health programs carried out on site, by entering a value measurement objective and cardiovascular health campaigns in a timely and continuous, allowing us to continue making a difference with respect to our subscribers. Give them more, for less."

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