viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Dennis Ritchie creator of C programming languange have dead last weekend.

The computer world has lost one week to another of its great innovators, the developer of the C programming language and co-creator of the Unix operating system, Dennis Ritchie died last weekend at age 70.

This engineer graduate in physics and mathematics at Harvard University left a broad legacy that is part of modern computing, C programming language, one of the most used and then base for a multitude of languages as Java. Also He was the creator with Ken Thompson's Unix operating system in 1969. In this system portable, multitasking, multiuser have arisen since other variants such as Solaris, Linux or Mac OS X.

Robert Pike, into his Google +: "I´m confident that there are people who appreciate the scope of their contributions and mourned her death properly. The world has lost a mind truly great," he said about co-creator of Unix.

Dennis Ritchie, who in 1983 was awarded the Turing Award (equivalent to the Nobel Prize of Computing), spent most of his career at Bell Laboratories of AT & T (later Lucent and now Alcatel-Lucent).

From BlogTelemedicina We dismiss to this pionner of programming that leaves us, We will never forget his contribucción to computer world.

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