miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

We must spread the benefits of telemedicine.

Some experts have expressed that the benefits of telemedicine communication are of a great utility in diseases such diabetes.Recently, in the Roche Symposium : "Practical tools in the control of diabetes: case studies", held within the 23rd National Congress of the Spanish Society for Diabetes (Málaga, April 14th - 16th) specialists agreed that to implement  telemedicine in diseases like diabetes and its control, it is necessary the awareness of its benefits of patients and doctors.

Jorge García Alemán and Diego Fernández García, from the endocrinology service of the Clinical Hospital "Virgen de la Victoria", where this new technology which permits a better control of diabetes in distance, facilitates communication with patient, prevents displacement and saves costs is being investigated, say that they have seen better patient errors and therefore they have adjusted the treatment much faster.

Cynthia González Blanco, from the endocrinology service of "Santa Creu i Sant Pau" Hospital in Barcelona, who also participated in the Roche Symposium, declared that "a device for management of blood glucose data like Accu-Check Smart Pix is an educative and motivating tool for patient".

However, Dr. Isaac Levy Mizheria, from Clinic Hospital in Barcelona, insisted in the fact that many doctors and patients do not believe in telemedicine benefits yet and the problems that each hospital or health center may have with its own computer system.

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