miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Telemedicine is just a reality in León

The service of Ophthalmology in Hospital de León and Primary Care Management of the health area of Leon premiere in April, the scanner installed at the health center in Santa Maria del Paramo as a continuous communication service between primary care and specialized care to monitor visual health of people with diabetes.

The scanner is in a period of testing and work effectively from next month. With this technology, primary care physicians to take pictures of the retina, which threatened the structure of the diabetic patients, before they start to lose vision in order to detect lesions, bleeding and expansion.

Ophthalmology chief explained that it is selected as target population of this innovative program to the diabetic population, because in the health area of Leon there is a 10% of the population with diabetes, about 35,000 people, and visual impairment is one of the more important that produces, among others, such as renal and cardiovascular systems.

This notice was published in Diario de León, here you have a link to complete article.

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