lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

MetaEmotion Healthcare presents Ginkgo CADx

MetaEmotion Healthcare presents Ginkgo CADx, a multiplatform viewer and open source of medical tests DICOM. Developed by MetaEmotion Healthcare in collaboration with SACYL, Ginkgo CADx allows to view multispecialty medical tests (Neurology, Radiology, Ophtalmology, Ultrasound, Endoscopy...), as well as to create telemedicine networks thanks to its HL7 support, DICOM and IHE. Ginkgo CADx supports diagnosis help extensions (CADx), plugins which give functionality for the assistance in taking decisions regarding specific deseases.

You can use or distribute Ginkgo CADx freely under the conditons of the licence as an advanced visualization and managing of medical image system.

MetaEmotion Healthcare is the MetaEmotion division for developing of help solutions in medical diagnosis by computer (Computer Aided Diagnosis, CADx) based in images.

For more info you can visit the website of  MetaEmotion or Ginkgo CADx

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